A 1957 Chevy Truck “QuikSilver” Custom by Hot Rod Garage

A 1957 Chevy Truck “QuikSilver” Custom by Hot Rod Garage

The 1957 Chevy truck known as the “QuikSilver” was extensively customized over a five-year period by Hot Rod Garage in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. It is simply one of the best custom truck designs of all time and has been recognized across the country as such.

Under the hood of the 2014 Barrett-Jackson Cup winner is a big block 540 Chevy engine with 650 horsepower. The engine is fed through a Crower 8-Stacks intake that has been converted to electronic fuel injection using FAST XFI and mated to a Gearstar 4L60E automatic transmission. The exhaust flows through dedicated one-off heads to a custom 3-inch exhaust with a stainless muffler.

The truck is equipped with 20- and 22-inch power wheels with BFGoodrich tires, 6-piston Baer four-wheel disc brakes (including 15-inch rotors), a custom chassis with Fatman Mustang II front suspension, 4-link rear suspension, Ford 9-inch rear axle, Bilstein coil covers front and rear.

For a modern chassis look, each body panel is customized or handcrafted. The firewall has been buffed and reshaped, the hood has been smashed and reshaped, the top is cut 3 inches, the hood has been filled and moved forward 3 inches, the newly made windshield and rear windshield hatch with a custom one-off windshield and rear windshield.

The truck also features a narrow, reshaped front bumper, custom-made grille with CNC grilled bar, handcrafted bed, tailgate and roll-up tub, one-off tail light bar and full belly tub. Inside the truck, the dashboard has been reconfigured and fitted with a one-off gauge cluster, gauges, y-wheel, and gas and brake pedals.

The seat, console, door panels and headliner were handcrafted by Chuck Rowland using 10 leathers in smooth, perforated Mercedes burgundy leather. The trunk is painted in a bright Tungsten and Quiksilver color using Sherwin-Williams Planet Color paint that complements the burgundy interior. Stunning looks, attitude, overall fit, great details and build quality set this truck apart from all other custom trucks.

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