A 1964 Ford Mustang Coupe with a 5.8L V8 Running Perfectly

A 1964 Ford Mustang Coupe with a 5.8L V8 Running Perfectly

A recently restored 1964 Ford Mustang with a very nice package that adds some extra oomph to this iconic model.

At its core, the 64 Mustang is powered by a 351 ci (5.8 liter) V8 that runs perfectly.

The folks at Streetside Classics claim other upgrades have been made in this department, including the addition of a light cam, an Edelbrock four-cylinder carburetor with electric throttle, an Edelbrock intake, and polished Ford Motorsport valve covers and dual exhaust system.

The modern feel is further enhanced by the new ZR-rated tires, but it also continues inside where you can find an AM/FM digital tuner, a GT-style all-wheel drive package with digital readout, and gears displayed on the transmission.

The interior of the car comes in a crest shape, which makes perfect sense given that the restomode was completed in 2016. According to the seller, the car was only driven 1,400 miles (2,250 km) after the restoration, so it’s pretty much a new car.

The smoked silver metallic finish also looks new, and the seller claims it’s actually a rare thing, as it’s one of the first colors available on a Mustang. However, keep in mind that this is not the original paint, but rather a finish that is supposed to resemble a metallic silver smoked finish.

Other cool upgrades include a fully functional air conditioning system, modern polished 17-inch Cobra-style alloys, all-new carpeting, door panels, and dashboard elements.

As a mixture of old and new, this Mustang is clearly a very precious car and, if really not as expensive as you’d expect it to be, is ready to become your daily driver. The garage sold it for $34,995.

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