A ’68 Restomod 450 hp Mercury Cougar Coyote with F-150 Raptor Gearbox

A ’68 Restomod 450 hp Mercury Cougar Coyote with F-150 Raptor Gearbox

Restomods which is simply is restoring and upgrading vintage American muscle cars with modern, high-output engines and contemporary running gear has become increasingly common in the automotive world over the past decade, and despite a large number of customs and tuning stores routinely building modified American classics, few if any Ringbrothers’ business can be ignited. And for his most recent one-off, the Wisconsin-based outfit meticulously showed why it held such high esteem with the debut of a modern 1968 Mercury Cougar restomod build.

Beginning with a complete tire restoration, the “68 Cougar” is now powered by a Ford Coyote’s 460-horsepower 5.0-liter V8 that’s mated to a 10-speed transmission and paddle shifter picked from the F-150 Raptor. Spitting spent gases from a Flowmaster 44 SS exhaust system complete with custom heads from Ringbrothers, the custom Cougar also received three-piece HRE Michelin Pilot Sport wheels, Baer Pro + 14-inch disc brakes front and rear, DSE Aluma Frame Quadra-suspension system Link and custom body kit accented in custom-designed Augusta Green metallic paint. As usual, Ringbrothers also treated the interior to a modern revival with plush leather seating and upholstery and a new wood dash.

1968 Mercury Cougar

  • Built in 2020
  • Ford Coyote 5.0 cylinder engine, 460 hp
  • Ford 10 Speed Paddle Transmission Changed From F150
  • Suspension DSE Aluma Frame Quadra-Link
  • EXHAUST Flowmaster 44 SS with Ringbrothers Custom Heads
  • Baer Pro + 14-inch front and rear brakes
  • HRE C1 C103 Series Wheels 3-Piece Rig Front 18″ x 9″, Rear 19″ x 44″
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires front 245 x 35 x 18, rear 275 x 40 x 19
  • Water-based paint BASF Glasurit Ford M3067 Augusta Green Metallic

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