A Flaming Hot 1961 Custom Ford F-100 with 351ci V8

A Flaming Hot 1961 Custom Ford F-100 with 351ci V8

Part of the F-Series that has turned out to be such a brutal hit since its introduction in 1948, the F-100 no longer exists in its own right. It happened in 1953, when the half-ton F1 was renamed the F-100, and it fell off the scene in 1983 to make way for the crazy Ford F-150 to show itself.

As the smallest pickup in the F-Series, the F-100 is much loved and highly regarded by the custom industry. Over the past few months, we’ve seen crazy and more traditional explanations for selling a nameplate for big bucks on various websites.

The photo in the gallery above, which has been coming to us since 1961, is somewhere in between. Traditional enough to be considered cute, it also sports a badass look with the top half painted a Sunset Orange with cascading flames shooting left and right.

Another thing that distinguishes this build from its production siblings is the fact that the door handles, gas doors, and emblems have been shaved. Also, the front bumper was lost 5 inches, and the entire body was supported on 18- and 20-inch staggered American Racing 5-spoke wheels.

Under the hood is a 351ci (5.8 liter) V8, also modified with custom parts wearing Edelbrock, Pete Jackson, Lunati and Hedman logos. nothing told about the performance numbers.

The custom F-100 is on sale, of course, and will cost $47,500. That’s right, since this is the approximate amount that is obtained for other custom captures of this type.

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