A Rare LHD Australian Ford XC Falcon Coupe in California

A Rare LHD Australian Ford XC Falcon Coupe in California

Australian left-hand drive (LHD) cars available are very rare like this Ford Falcon XC Coupe in California.

This version is a heavily customized version of another Ford Falcon Coupe from the late ’70s, located in California, at a “$165,000” price tag. or best offer.

Chassis and interior parts from a 1978 Falcon XC Coupe, which have been modified and placed over a custom tubular body, with power coming from the 351 Cleveland V8 stroked to 393 cubic inches or 6.4 liters, while the vehicle rides on bespoke air suspension.

Yes, it’s not really a Falcon Coupe, but it does look like one.

A 1978 Ford XC Falcon from Australia looks a lot like the Ford Torino that Clint Eastwood recently brought back to fame here in the States, and as you can see, it’s built way, way, way over the top and then way over the top. which – which. It simply can’t get any more customization than this amazing masterpiece of cars…

Building one-off custom cars is nothing new to this global build. This custom Falcon has won just about everything from this year’s Street Machine to being the featured car at SEMA. The car is known as “XC” and in my book it should mean XC Xtreme Custom and it fits just that. The builder wanted the best with this car, so he built it himself. Even the structure is handcrafted, and it’s all tubular. The suspension is inspired by the F1 center lever and the rear is a four-link center lever with a custom 9-inch Ford rear end. The car gets its low, integrated look with a full-on-air ride system, flared front fenders, and extensive body modifications.

The entire body has been reworked with suicide doors and custom sheet metal inside and out for a classic and futuristic look. The power for this unique masterpiece is provided by 351 Cleveland multiplied to 393 fed through 4 48 IDA Webbers.

This is all topped with a set of aluminum heads, bolstered by a Tremec 6. It is truly an amazing automotive artwork done by one of the best builders in the world.”

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