An Awesome 1968 Fastback Ford Mustang Eleanor Tribute

An Awesome 1968 Fastback Ford Mustang Eleanor Tribute

An Awesome 1968 Mustang with an impressive straight body, the Mustang has benefited from a detailed floor-up restoration that complements the solid sheet metal with an aggressive Eleanor package.

However, instead of donning the traditional gray and black of everyone’s favorite Ford movie, this vibrant red pony sprawled out in two stages under sleek silver stripes.

Today, the car rolls like a thoroughbred that catches the eye at home, reflecting a summer cruise! Lift the lightweight hood and you’ll find 390 cubic inches of Ford’s roaring power.

Behind the iron mill, the smooth, C6 automatic transmission spins a 9-inch Ford axle packed at moderate 3.00 rates.

This drivetrain rolls on an improved suspension finished with tubular control arms, an upgraded sway bar and CalTracs-style traction bars.

Cornering is easy thanks to the electric rack and pinion steering. In the corners of the vehicle, powered calipers stabilize a quadrilateral of perforated and slotted rotors.

Power meets pavement through Halibrand wheels, which spin 245/45ZR17 Continental Extreme Contacts in front of 255/45ZR17 Continental Extreme Contacts.

Between the doors, TMI-branded buckets feature large struts beneath a thick roll bar attached with three-point shoulder straps.

A factory dashboard hangs the upgraded audio above the Sunpro water gauge, and the Sunpro Super Tach II Cobra-themed foot pedals.

Fresh rugs float on mustang floor mats around a polished fire extinguisher and attractive B&M QuickSilver handle. The driver bends by a polished, wood-trimmed steering wheel.

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  1. I know that Chip foose and unique performance built Eleanor and they also build 67 through 69 Camaros and Firebirds and a host of other products as well I’ve even seen them build cobras and gt40s would like to see the de Tomaso PanteraPantera and the ISO griffoand vareedo

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