Dodge Challenger ‘Mad Cat’ is a Mad Max Tribute with Hellcat Engine

Dodge Challenger ‘Mad Cat’ is a Mad Max Tribute with Hellcat Engine

Customizing a vehicle can be as easy or difficult as one makes it. This is what makes Robert Selby’s Mad Cat so special because he didn’t just recreate a movie car of the same model used in Mad Max. Instead, he built a modernized version of the Pursuit Special with a Dodge Challenger Hellcat at the core. Now, he’s mixing it up with real pieces of classic Australian muscle cars.

The original Pursuit Special in Mad Max was the Ford Falcon, so why did that build start with the Challenger? Selby had a vision of seeing that the two cars are very similar in dimension and ethos before he tweaked one on his 2020 Challenger Hellcat under the custom chassis you see in front of you.

And the spoiler in the rear of the roof of a 1980 Chevrolet Camaro and the gills behind every door from a 1973 Ford Falcon. They’re not the only Australian DNA the car will end up with. Selby is now in the process of adding the Arcadiapan Falcon’s nose to the front of the car. However, it doesn’t stop there. He also bought a 1970 Torino Fastback that he plans to graft into the Challenger.

While this build isn’t quite over yet, it’s easy to see how much attention Selby has paid to getting the details and design ethos just right. The blower that comes out of the hood, like the movie car, doesn’t quite work, but it has the same kind of mechanism in the car that allows the driver to operate it just like in the movie.

These are dedicated one-off wheels in each corner, too. It mimics the original design while being large enough for the size of a modern Challenger. To ensure the braking components fit, Selby added Challenger Demon brakes in place of the already stiff stock parts. These side exhaust pipes work too, and just like the fake bellows up front, they can be turned on and off via a switch in the cabin.

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  1. The owner of Mad Max tribute should enter it in the Hot Wheels Legends. I’d love to see it made into a casting. I love this car

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