Dodge Launches the 807hp Challenger Black Ghost Special Edition

Dodge Launches the 807hp Challenger Black Ghost Special Edition

Dodge announced it’s ultimate muscle car the Challenger Black Ghost limited to only 300 example.

Based on the Challenger SRT Hellcat Redye on a large scale, it collides with strength of up to 807 hp (602 kW/818 ps). More than just a muscle car, though, the model is a sign of the brand performance date.

The classic car was inspired by 1970 Dodge Challenger RT SE owned by Godfrey Quails, a legend on Woodward Street in the 1970s. Satisfied 426 Hemi V8, she was famous for her ability to overcome all arrivals.

He quickly gained a reputation in Detroit, the vehicle has always disappeared at night immediately after being overcome by the last victim. Quails, a Detroit police officer, had to keep the street race a strict secret, which helped the car gain its name as “Black Ghost”.

This was the legend of the car that I got in the national historical car record in 2020. Greatly, the original car remains in the ownership of the quail family to this day.

“There are many legendary muscle cars in the history of the Dodge brand, it was difficult to choose the seven vehicles that we wanted to honor through the recent communication formation, but the black ghost was an easy choice,” said Tim Konescis, President of Dodge Brand. Stelantis. “Dodge Challenger Black Ghost is an introduction to what we will reveal our own, seventh and final model.”

To honor the legend, the 2023 Black Dodge Challenger Ghost gets a “GATOR SKIN” ceiling to match the roof of the Vinyl Skin from the original. It also gets a background background in the barrier, the Challenger -laundering text, and the spoilers, among other historical touches.

Sixth of Seven Seven Last Call for a private round, this car joins Dodge Challenger Shakedown, The Chager Super Bee, Challenger, Chager Scat Pack Swinger, Dodge Charger King Daytona as farewell cars for beloved cars.

We will now wait more than a month before knowing what the last version of the last call is, because it will be revealed at the Sema 2022 offer, which lasts from 1-4 November in Las Vegas.

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