Dodge Teams Up with Drop Top Customs to Offer Challenger Convertible

Dodge Teams Up with Drop Top Customs to Offer Challenger Convertible

Since reintroducing Dodge Challenger in 2008 in Coupe form only, fans have been clamoring for a convertible. Now, nearly 15 years later, the company is working to turn those dreams into reality.

However, this is not your typical convertible as the company has teamed up with Drop Top Customs to simplify the ordering and conversion process.

Starting from August 16, customers can go to their local Dodge dealer and place an order for a Challenger convertible. Customers will then work with Drop Top Customs and their local dealer to create their perfect vehicle.

Once you have everything set in stone, Dodge will ship the customer’s Challenger vehicle from Brampton Assembly directly to Drop Top Customs in Florida for third-party modifications. After the conversion is completed, the vehicle will then be shipped to the dealership for customer delivery. This may not be the Challenger Convertible fans have been dreaming of, but the partnership simplifies the ordering and delivery process, while shortening the build-to-delivery time.

The convertible option will be available on 2022 and 2023 models including the Challenger R/T, R/T Scat Pack, and all SRT variants. The conversion starts at $25,999, so you’re looking at spending about $65,000 on the entry-level Challenger R/T Convertible.

For that hefty sum, customers will get a “motorized” retractable soft top cover that makes it easy to hear the great Challenger’s V8 engine. Customers can also order options like Katzkin leather seats, special floor mats, and limited edition badges.

Although it’s not a Challenger convertible, it’s the closest you can get since 1971.

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