Fully Restored 1969 AMC AMX with Original 390ci V8

Fully Restored 1969 AMC AMX with Original 390ci V8

Factory built in Big Bad Orange. This AMX just received its first and only restoration. The AMX was California inland before it was brought to Arizona several years ago.

It only required a light restoration that kept all the original body panels. This involved stripping it to bare metal, followed by applying a base coat in Big Bad Orange with the correct black Go-Pak tape paint in place of the factory sticker application. This was all followed by a clear coat, which was then color-coated and polished to the indicated shine.

An eye-catching exterior is balanced by a fully restored charcoal interior using Legendary Interior as the primary source. The often replaced factory steering wheel has been restored to factory standards by famed restoration artist Rim Blow Buddy.

All new weather seals are incorporated as well as high quality Amark Reproductions stickers. It is distinguished by its original engine and transmission. The engine compartment, interior and trunk are highly detailed to display the vehicle’s width. The underside is neat and clean and presents a view of the plant.

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