Mopar Lowliner Restomod Concept is a ’68 Dodge D200 Series Heavy Duty Truck

Mopar Lowliner Restomod Concept is a ’68 Dodge D200 Series Heavy Duty Truck

Mopar overhauled the chassis, including moving the front axle forward and raising the cargo box.

Mopar Lowliner concept. The basis of this two-tone pickup is the 1968 Dodge D200-series heavy-duty truck, but the vehicle features a wide range of upgrades to transform the look into a modern retro ride.

Specifically, the two-tone color scheme is a combination of Candied Delmonico Red and Dairy Cream. Mopar also trims the door handles, fuel filler cap and radio antenna.

It rides on custom, smooth wheels that are supposed to look like stamped steel pieces from the late ’60s. It measures 22 inches wide, 9.5 inches wide in the front and 11 inches in the back. Installing the ones in the rear requires expanding the wheel wells by five inches on each side.

Instead of the original headlights, there are 7-inch LED headlights. At the back, the slim taillights are the custom units for this project.

In place of the original hood, there is now a front fascia that tilts forward with power assistance. When open, the large hatch provides a great view of the Cummins 5.9L diesel engine.

Mechanically, the Mopar team installs a fully packaged version of the original C-channel frame. Work on the props also includes moving the front axle forward three inches, which lengthens the wheelbase. The team also raised the payload box by six inches by welding to a Ram 1500 panel.

The truck is fitted with a three-position air suspension system. This allows the driver to drop the ride height for a more dramatic look, but there’s also regular driving and elevated settings.

Inside, there’s a bench seat with Blazing Saddle Tan leather upholstery. The lining is cowhide and has the Mopar M logo on it. A floor-mounted transmission with a metal flake grip controls the six-speed manual transmission. Instead of the original dashboard, there are seven custom gauges in the engine-driven panel.

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