This 1000HP 1948 Chevy Truck by Ringbrothers took 10,000 hours to be Built

This 1000HP 1948 Chevy Truck by Ringbrothers took 10,000 hours to be Built

Ringbrothers was promising something special for this year’s SEMA show and it lived up to its demands, lifting the veil on the 1948 Chevrolet Super Truck, dubbed the Enyo.

The company has spent more than 10,000 hours building the best pickup truck. It features a hinged chassis designed by Ahlman Engineering and Roadster Shop and has a modified version of the 1948 steel cab that has been narrowed, cut four inches, lengthened and wedge cut.

The Chevrolet was then fitted with a cantilever independent suspension both front and rear while custom Ohlins TTX coils swing out with Swift springs. A set of new Brembo brakes are also available, complete with six-piston calipers, which are more than enough to get the truck off very quickly.

As with any good Ringbrothers project, the car rocks a new engine, and takes the form of a 510-cubic-inch LS V8 from Goodwin Competition Racing Engines. This V8 is good for 1,000 horsepower on race fuel 110 and features Kinsler LS-Sprint’s eight-stack injection and Holley fuel management system. Mated with a V8 Bowler Performance 4L80 automatic transmission driving the rear wheels. The motor also has specially made stainless steel heads with titanium side tubes.

Two sets of HRE wheels are also designed for the truck. The first size is 18×11 up front and 19×13.5 at the rear, Michelin Pilot Sport 315/30 tires up front and Bridgestone Potenza 345/35 tires at the rear. The second set of wheels is 18×13 in the front and 18×15 in the rear and has 315/30 and 365/35 Goodyear Racing Eagle G-19 tires.

The body of the Chevrolet Ineo is made of lightweight carbon fiber and includes a one-piece carbon fiber belly pod. It also rocks custom stainless steel fuel tanks, a Vintage Air Gen II air conditioning system, and a custom interior created with Upholstery Unlimited and Gemini Technology Systems.

“We have been quietly planning this build for years, imagining and reimagining how it will eventually take shape,” said Jim Ring, who is owned by Ringbrothers. “The end result is truly a superlative truck that combines two vehicles that were never meant to meet to deliver massive character along with the power and performance that are normally reserved for today’s most advanced racing cars. We are delighted to finally be able to share ENYO with the world.”

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