This 1962 Buick Riviera by Fesler is Something Else!

This 1962 Buick Riviera by Fesler is Something Else!

The first generation Buick Riviera made a huge impact when it was revealed in October 1962, with Jaguar founder Sir Williams Lyons and Sergio Pininfarina claiming it was one of the most beautiful American cars ever built.

Now a “very distinctive design landmark,” the two-door hardtop with a V8 engine still looks mean, even if it’s 60. While the Riviera in stock form looks great, Fesler did a great job.

The Fesler Riviera is painted matte black, new custom headlights gain, more eye-catching than the original, we might add LED stripe tail lights, FS-903 deep-dish 20″ wheels in brushed aluminum.

While no performance numbers have been released yet, we do know that the Nailhead’s 7.0-liter V8 has been dropped in favor of an automatic transmission-connected LS-1 Corvette unit. Inside the cabin, new panels, seats (leather-wrapped and Alcantara), and a 3,000-watt audio system complete Fisler’s masterpiece.

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