This ’69 Camaro STRODE by Ringbrothers is a 1010hp Pony Wrapped in Carbon Fiber

This ’69 Camaro STRODE by Ringbrothers is a 1010hp Pony Wrapped in Carbon Fiber

Ringbrothers, the world-famous restaurant builder, has another innovation, the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro dubbed “STRODE”. Externally, it’s a polished, spacious, and modern pony car. Under the hood, it’s a beast with a supercharged V8 that pumps out 1,010 hp (753 kW) to the rear wheels only.

Like many of the previous Ringbrothers creations, this vehicle features an intense carbon fiber chassis. That starts with an extra five inches of the overall body width you see here. In addition to the added width, this car looks more aggressive thanks to the lower rocker panels, a slightly reshaped taller hood, and a recessed centerline of the roof.

Custom fender scoops, tucked front and rear fenders, diffusers, blinds, and rear spoiler Stunning exterior finish coated in BASF Glasurit Ghost White. Below the body there are a number of recent improvements to match.

Under the hood, a Wegner Motorsports LS3 with a Whipple supercharger delivers power and sends it via a Bowler Tremec T-56 Magnum six-speed manual transmission. Each corner is powered by independent FAST TRACK suspension components. Baer brake components, HRE wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S wheels are located on every corner.

Inside the STRODE cabin, you’ll find Dakota Digital gauges along with the Vintage Air Gen IV climate control system. Upholstery Unlimited has updated the interior with a state-of-the-art JL Audio sound system and hand-tufted cage, helping keep occupants safe if handling all those horses proves too difficult to handle.

“We wanted to push the boundaries of what we can do and highlight our capabilities with STRODEā€¦ It’s a radical rethinking of the original Chevy Camaro, expanding its dimensions and performance levels. With its unique carbon fiber chassis and thousands of hours of custom work, there was no other Camaro like it.” Ringbrothers co-owner Mike Ring said.

STRODE required over 6,500 hours to complete and we don’t doubt that number for a moment. Jim Ring, co-owner of Ringbrother, detailed the process saying, “The STRODE build process shows what can be accomplished with cutting-edge technologies, painstaking levels of detail and imagination.” We can say that the task is accomplished in this case.

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