This C4 Corvette “Swedish Smurf” Looks Like a JDM Special from the 80s

This C4 Corvette “Swedish Smurf” Looks Like a JDM Special from the 80s

From Sweden This Chevrolet Corvette C4 named “Swedish Smurf” is looking like a JDM special from the 80s.

The owner, Mr. Jim Bjork, has been making custom cars for a long time now and knows what’s hot.

This project first caught wind in September 2019, when Bjork showed pictures of the body kit on the car. It is a superior fiberglass package designed specifically for the C4.

Of course, there are quite a few wide-body Corvettes in the world, but nothing else has this bolt-on look, reminiscent of the JDM custom car sight, mainly because it’s mounted on the bodywork.

Taking advantage of the low valance he had planned, the Swedish builder also installed additional floor effects in the form of massive side skirts and a chin wing. However, it does not have a dispenser, and we think this is the right move; C4 does not have to have a low diffuser.

Japanese influence has both superficial and hardware aspects. For example, the front bumper has sections from an actual Nissan 180SX, while the rear spoiler is similar to that available on the R32 Skyline GT-R.

Speaking of wheels, these are also unique to this car. It’s the 18-inch Advan SA3R alloy, which you’ll also find on the R32. But it was cut in half and stretched into a deep dish shape about 13 inches wide.

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