This Ford Crown Victoria Coupe V8 Design is One of a Kind

This Ford Crown Victoria Coupe V8 Design is One of a Kind

The Ford Crown Victoria is a ubiquitous car, which can attest to its proven chassis and unpretentious appearance. Naturally, this popular and beloved car is subject to the personal touch of the owner.

Unfortunately, this particular vehicle is only available in the digital world, as it is the creation of Abimelec Arellano, of Abimelec Design. Simple body lines cause little change to appear, so the Abimelech left most of the body fully stocked, including the fender flares. Obviously, the biggest change is the widening of the front doors and the movement of the B-pillars, which give the car a look of personal luxury, rather than an everyday sedan.

Ford offered a Coupe-style Crown Victoria for the 1979-1987 model, but then discontinued it. In 2002, Ford built the Mercury Marauder concept coupe, which is based on the same Panther platform as the Crown Victoria. The concept was a two-door and a 4.6-liter V8 appeared under the hood.

Abimelec’s width leaves the body as a hard surface and updates the powertrain with the Coyote V8, which should deliver 460 horsepower. Other updates include HRE wheels, Toyo R888 tires and a hood-mounted Shelby GT500 heat extractor. The car is finished in a pleasant shade of Ford Performance Blue.

Abimelec previously created another interesting proposition, imagine the high-performance Crown Victoria Cobra R – an intriguing proposition that, unfortunately, was never built for the Blue Oval.

He obviously has a thing for the Crown Vic, but we can understand why. The Crown Victoria was one of the last cars with rear-wheel drive and body-on-frame, essentially making it a modern four-door muscle car. Add a powerful V8 engine and a bad police reputation, and you’ve got a car that, while looking ubiquitous, has a certain appeal.

*This is an independent offering from Abimelec Design which is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Ford.

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