This Ford GT “Le Mansory” is a Full Carbon Retro Makeover

This Ford GT “Le Mansory” is a Full Carbon Retro Makeover

Mansouri is best known for his Ferrari nose jobs, followed by work on the G 63 AMG and Lamborghini Urus models, which they have modified relentlessly since their debut. But compared to those projects, this seems more special.

“Unique” isn’t supposed to be the correct way to describe it, as the Germans plan to make three such cars. But it wouldn’t be a familiar sight, not even in Monaco, and they might not be taking orders for a while.

The look they go for is reminiscent of their “Cabrera” project, which is derived from the Aventador SVJ. But in the places where Lamborghini made these super square headlights, in the case of the Countach for example, the Ford GT was not square at all.

With its massive wing, double scoops on the roof, and sharp wrinkles, Le Mansory isn’t for everyone. But we think it shines in this unique shade called Bleurion Race. These 21″ forged alloy wheels are also a nice touch.

The extreme structure flows like a river around a rock, very organic. But the checkered weave of carbon fiber lets you know right away that this is an expensive and very powerful machine. Speaking of which, the GT’s engine has also been significantly modified, so it now produces 700 horsepower and 620 pound-feet (840 Nm) of torque.

There are no acceleration times, but Mansory said its extra power (150 hp) makes the GT 4 full mph faster (220 vs 216 stock).

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