This Hummer H1 with $170K worth of Upgrades was Once Owned by FBI

This Hummer H1 with $170K worth of Upgrades was Once Owned by FBI

Hummer has returned under GMC brand as an EV truck and an SUV, but of course, not all Hummer enthusiasts are convinced that electricity can replace combustion and fortunately for them there are plenty of H1 and H2 Hummers on the second-hand market (let’s just ignore the H3). But not all of them have such an interesting history as the 2006 H1 K12 wagon.

Presented at a Mecum Auction, this example is just one of 36 K-series H1s built in this model year and just one of four charcoal-coated.

This example is designated as KSCS, or Fleet/Commercial H1, and was originally ordered by the FBI. Like most Federal vehicles, many aftermarket modifications were required. In this case, Predator, Inc. The Florida-based perform the required work which totaled over $170,000 in promotions. Our tax dollars at work.

Some of the newly added accessories include shock absorber ladder system, urban attack rack, performance aluminum radiator, intercooler, heavy-duty winch kit, infrared camera, 2-inch lift kit, 17-inch powder-coated aluminum wheels, dual batteries With a waterproof charging kit, and a 20″ wide LED driving light bar with 20″ guard bars.

Front- and front-seat passengers will enjoy heated and cooled brown leather Recaro seats with custom mounts, an Alpine-style head unit and speakers. Under the hood is a 6.6-liter Duramax V8 diesel engine paired with Allison’s six-speed automatic transmission. The speedometer only reads 20,500 miles and a full service and check was done last summer by Houston Diesel Bros.

The chances of finding another Hummer H1 like this one would be very difficult, if not outright impossible. With extremely low mileage and a long list of upgrades, it’s no wonder Mecum estimates it will fetch between $220,000 and $260,000.

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