This is Kevin Hart’s 1969 Plymouth Road Runner with 940 hp 426 Hemi

This is Kevin Hart’s 1969 Plymouth Road Runner with 940 hp 426 Hemi

It’s no secret that Kevin Hart is a hardcore car guy but what many may not know is that he has a special penchant for muscle cars. And he likes to combine this love and flicks of horror. Now team up with custom auto designer Dave Salvaggio to create a fully bespoke 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner called Michael Myers.

Some may remember that last year around the same time, Hart received another commission for a muscle car. At the time, the 1970 Dodge Charger was called the Hellraiser and was pretty much a modern car in old-school clothing thanks to a Hellephant engine and an all-carbon-fiber body.

Roadrunner is a bit more old school. HRE made a one-off set of wheels that somehow look old and new. Under the hood is a 426 Hemi with a Whipple Charger, Demon Heads, and Demon Cam. Together, these parts provide up to 940 hp (691 kW).

The Detroit Speed ​​and Engineering chassis allows the car to drive like a modern muscle car. Brembo brakes help slow the Roadrunner down and are bolstered by a Detroit Speed ​​master cylinder. This thing also has a three-pedal manual transmission. The car also features carbon fiber in parts such as the front and rear fenders. In addition, the hood and hood scoop are made of a lightweight and strong material.

Shifting those gears occurs through the use of a gear lever that resembles the handle of an inverted knife, in reference to the Mike Myers theme. This is not where the film’s influence stops. A little bit of red paint to mimic blood is splattered on the headliner, under the hood, on the seats and in various other places around the interior. Oh, and the image of Mike Myers is subtly hidden in the gauge cluster, too. His name is engraved on the door panel sills as well.

Hart himself seems quite surprised when he gets his chance to set his eyes on her and lead. We can understand why. On top of that, in addition to the car itself, he got a nice little gift package including custom Nike shoes, a belt, and a wallet all in the same look as Mike Meyers.

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