This is ‘Snow Wide’… Your Low Riding Wide Fox Body Mustang

This is ‘Snow Wide’… Your Low Riding Wide Fox Body Mustang

While it may not be everyone’s favorite pony, the third-generation Ford Fox Body Mustang certainly has its fans. And why not because the platform seems incredibly vulnerable to crazy adventurous exploits?
Snow White Fox Body Ford Mustang body width slammed by Personalizatuauto

Just take a look at the tow-worthy designs built based on the humble basics of iterations produced between 1978 and 1993. It’s not uncommon for “neglected” Stangs to outperform supercars.

So, it’s also no wonder that virtual artists are sometimes drawn to this particular iteration of the popular pony car series. We’re fine with that, considering we’re dealing with Emmanuel Britto (aka Personalizatuauto). He’s a pixel master well known in both the real and virtual worlds for his tendency to offer a lot of digital creations that appear one day, mostly in a customized (extreme) form.

On the other hand, not all of his projects end up in the real world. And while we’re almost sorry it’s just a security thought, this Fox Body Mustang is probably one of them. But a CGI expert at least had fun making it. Although we don’t agree with the somewhat ugly Fox Body design being likened to cute little Disney whites. Even if this is a proper model, it still doesn’t match the prowess of the animatronic character. So, we turned it into “Snow Wide”. There, it is more convenient.

Sadly, he was probably joking when using the legendary nickname for the icy white (almost silver) third-generation Mustang. Per his description, we noticed he’s been “really interested in Mustangs lately,” but we also need to remind ourselves that this isn’t the first time he’s gone through such an intense phase of the blue oval.

Case in point, it’s the details that reveal it. Take a look at the front and rear LED handling or notice the bulging hood. Not to mention the critical appearance. Despite this, the broad design style can be seriously attributed to about 99% of the hypothetical artists in the automotive world when modifying these well-known icons.

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