This Mid Engined ’67 Mustang Fastback is a Wild Design that Came to Life at SEMA

This Mid Engined ’67 Mustang Fastback is a Wild Design that Came to Life at SEMA

The team at “B is for Build” arrived at SEMA 2022 with its supercharged 1967 Ford Mustang. When we say super custom, that might be an understatement, too. Its extended custom chassis, V8 from a rival brand, and ultra-wide fenders almost missed the show entirely.

B is for Build fans who may know that another 1967 Mustang that appeared on the channel ended up in the center of a lawsuit. That car was seized and the project canceled. This new Mustang breaks with tradition in every possible way.

The Body is really the only Mustang part of the entire building. The Chassis is from the Need for Speed ​​movie. In the movie, it played the Bugatti Veyron. At its core, it’s a mid-engine aluminum chassis built with high-performance driving in mind.

Perhaps the wildest part about this entire design is that it started as a single artist show as shown above. Karanadivi posted on Instagram the photo of the car for the first time in mid-2021. At the time, he imagined a Ferrari engine behind the passengers. Today, with the real car on display at SEMA 2022, the engine in the back is a Chevrolet LS V8.

After several weeks of hard work on the propulsion system, fuel system and custom body panels, the car is now on display at SEMA. It looks incredibly similar to the original design from Karanadivi. The fenders are long and sharp and the swing out panels are finished in black just like the width.

At each corner are custom American racing wheels based on their VF545 model. It’s 12 inches wide and at the rear, it features a -140 offset which means the axle is deep inside the barrel.

This crazy creation didn’t work out though. According to B is Build creator Chris Steinbacher, the team broke down a “bad” Mustang which in turn caused their cargo window to miss. Fortunately, they were able to get the car to the showroom. We don’t know what went wrong but the team is planning to fix it right there on site.

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