Twin Supercharged 1970 Custom Chevrolet Nova from Australian Builder Robert Zhabe

Twin Supercharged 1970 Custom Chevrolet Nova from Australian Builder Robert Zhabe

From Australian automaker Robert Zhabe comes this awesome Nova, who traveled from the Gold Coast and ended up as one of the top 25 riders at the Barrett-Jackson Cup competition held in Reno, Nevada, in August 2015.

That’s it – the Black Blockbuster has A large block Chevy 572ci engine with two identical pallet F2 ProChargers producing 1,500rwhp and 1,300 ft/lbs of torque.

The signature Nova shines in House of Kolor Jet Black on top, with 5% House of Kolor Orion Silver mixed in for the lower color. The black on black look means every part of the car needs to be repainted or painted; It was all sanded, drilled, cemented, and then painted.

Custom-designed intercoolers and radiators keep the blown 572ci engine cool, while Speedtech has dropped front spindles, RideTech front arms and airbags, and Brembo brakes work together to create a well-designed one-off front end. Automatic transmission.

The fully bespoke, custom undercarriage—without a fuel line or brakes in sight—has 22×10 rear rims, 20×8.5 fronts, 2-inch extended swingarms and custom-made front and rear rear fenders. All external factory molds have been removed, duplicated from the steel and blended into the panel work. The bumper bars were shortened and returned to the body.

Sills have been extended 3 inches, while door handles, locks, and side marker lights have been shaved off. This, along with a myriad of other subtle tweaks – as well as getting perfectly panel gaps and ultra-sharp edges and lines – are all finished in-house.

Much of the burgundy leather interior has been built out of nothing. With the floor changed drastically—it was raised to clear the 4-inch exhaust—the rear seat was also made from scratch. The entire project took two years to assemble, which the creator says was only possible through extensive planning.

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